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The Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be constructed in three phases, with each phase called:

Dogger Bank A
Dogger Bank B
Dogger Bank C

Each phase is located at least 130km off the North East coast of England and each will have an installed generation capacity of up to 1.2GW providing a combined installed capacity of up to 3.6GW.


Getting the name right
26 February 2020

To recognise the historic Doggerland area, we are changing the names of Creyke Beck A, Creyke Beck B and Teesside A, these will now be known as Dogger Bank A, Dogger Bank B and Dogger Bank C, respectively.

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Construction commences for Dogger Bank
17 January 2020

One of the UK’s leading civil engineering contractors puts first spade in the ground as construction kicks off for world’s largest offshore wind farm. Jones Bros are delighted to have been awarded the contract to install the onshore cable infrastructure and have begun construction this week near the coastal village of Ulrome, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

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Celebrating the Haliade-X 
18 December 2019

Yesterday, the inauguration of world’s most powerful turbine, GE’s Haliade-X, was held in Rotterdam. The turbine will be powering Dogger Bank Wind Farm, a joint venture between SSE Renewables and Equinor, the first project in Europe to deploy the 12MW machine that has been named one of the Best 100 inventions of 2019 by Time Magazine.

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Dogger Bank Wind Farm announces OHT as preferred supplier for foundation installation
28 November 2019

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is delighted to announce OHT as its preferred supplier for foundation installation at the pioneering offshore wind farm. The offshore wind farm, a joint venture between SSE Renewables and Equinor, is one of the most innovative offshore wind developments in the world, utilising state-of-the-art technology to deliver the 3.6GW wind farm.

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First power for the world’s most powerful turbine
7 November 2019

The world’s most powerful offshore wind turbine, GE Renewable Energy’s Haliade-X 12 MW, has produced its first power. As Steve Wilson, Project Director of Dogger Bank Wind Farm says, producing its first kWh is an ‘incredible milestone’ for a pioneering offshore wind farm development.

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Aibel and ABB to deliver power grid solution to Dogger Bank Wind Farm
30 October 2019

Dogger Bank Wind Farm has unveiled Aibel and ABB as suppliers of its offshore converter platform and HVDC power transmission system, providing the power grid solution that will connect the world’s largest offshore wind farm to the UK transmission network.

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World’s largest jack-up installation vessel secured for Dogger Bank Wind Farm
22 October 2019

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is delighted to welcome Jan De Nul’s Voltaire to the project. The Jan De Nul-owned Voltaire, a new offshore jack-up installation vessel, with a lifting capacity of over 3,000 tonnes and standing taller than the Eiffel tower, is the largest of its kind in the world. The Voltaire will transport and install the world’s largest offshore wind turbines, GE’s Haliade-X, at Dogger Bank, which sits 130km off the Yorkshire coast. When complete, Dogger Bank will generate enough energy to power over 4.5 million homes every year – around 5% of the UK’s electricity needs.

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GE Renewable Energy’s Haliade-X turbines to be used by Dogger Bank Wind Farm
1 October 2019

Dogger Bank Wind Farm, which is developing what will become the world’s largest offshore wind farm when built, has today unveiled GE Renewable Energy as its preferred turbine supplier. Under the new deal, GE Renewable Energy will supply Dogger Bank with its next generation of offshore technology, the ground-breaking Haliade-X turbine, bringing the world’s most powerful wind turbine to the world’s largest wind farm.

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Dogger Bank Wind Farm successful in CfD auction
20 September 2019

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is delighted to announce their success in securing 3.6GW of contracts in the latest Contracts for Difference (CfDs) Allocation Round, the UK Government auction for renewable power.

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Equinor is developing as a broad energy company, building a material position in renewable energy.

Equinor now powers more than one million European homes with renewable offshore wind from four offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Equinor is building material offshore wind clusters in the UK, the US North East and in the Baltics. The company commissioned the world’s first floating offshore wind farm in 2017 off the coast of Scotland and is positioned for future floating wind options in several geographies, including UK, Norway and Asia.

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Project Location

Dogger Bank sits as an isolated topographic high within the central to southern North Sea spanning UK, German, Danish and Dutch waters.

The remains of mammals, evidence of human activity and vegetation have told archaeologists that the general area was, for a period of time, a land mass connecting the UK to mainland Europe, known as Doggerland. As the sea level rose after the last glaciation (ice age), it gradually became an island, until it was completely covered by water some time between 8000 and 5500 years ago.

The Dogger Bank Zone, located between 125 and 290km off the east coast of Yorkshire, extends over approximately 8660km². Water depth ranges from 18m to 63m.

  • Teesside converter station
  • Creyke Beck converter station
  • Onshore export cable route
  • Offshore export cable route
  • Dogger Bank Round 3 Zone
  • Dogger Bank A
  • Dogger Bank B
  • Dogger Bank C

The Consenting Process

A Development Consent Order (DCO) application for the Dogger Bank Project was made and achieved by Forewind, a consortium between SSE, Statoil (now Equinor), Statkraft and innogy. Work began on the project in 2010 and the second of the two 2.4 GW consents was received in August 2015.

The Projects

Dogger Bank A and B

The DCO granted permission for an installed capacity of up to 2.4GW to connect into the existing Creyke Beck substation near Cottingham in the East Riding of Yorkshire. The consent comprised of two offshore wind farms with an installed capacity of up to 1.2GW each.

The two wind farms, which will be built in phases, are:

Dogger Bank A (previously known as Creyke Beck A)

This project is around 515km² and 131km from shore at its closest point.

Dogger Bank B (previously known as Creyke Beck B)

The largest in area with a size of 599km² and also 131km from shore at its nearest point.

For all documents relating to the Dogger Bank A and B Projects, please Buy Diazepam Online Uk Blue Haze.

Dogger Bank C

Dogger Bank C (previously known as Teesside A) has a maximum installed capacity of up to 1.2GW. It is around 560km² in size, with its closest point from shore at 196km. The project will connect to the national grid at the existing Lackenby Substation in Teeside.

For all documents relating to the consents for Dogger Bank C, please Buy Valium Australia.

innogy has taken full ownership of the project previously known as Teesside B which has since been renamed Sofia Offshore Wind Farm.


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Can You Buy Valium In Australia

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Get involved

The Dogger Bank project represents a potential multi billion pound investment at each of the three phases. Dogger Bank Wind Farm has an overall objective to enhance competition and maximise UK content during both construction and the long term operational life of the wind farm.

In May 2018, we held a Meet the Buyer event where around 300 businesses were able to meet the Dogger Bank team to provide information about their services and find out how they might become involved in the project.

We plan to hold further Meer the Buyer events in May 2020 which will be advertised locally, here on this website and on our Twitter feed.

We have also held public information events, the most recent being in November. We will advertise any further information events on this website, in local media and on our Twitter feed.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the projects, please email: Where Can I Buy Cheap Valium Online

If you have any questions about becoming involved in the projects, please email: Buy Diazepam Online Uk Blue Haze

Dogger Bank Wind Farm - sse, equinor.
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