The first monopile foundation was installed in July 2022

A challenging process

The construction of an offshore wind farm is a challenging process requiring many years of meticulous development and design work ahead of a number of years of manufacturing and construction activity.

Onshore construction is progressing across all three phases and offshore construction on Dogger Bank A is underway.

At the Port of Tyne, our long term operational base is nearing completion.

Construction news

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General works

The ongoing construction activity both onshore and offshore includes:

  • Construction and installation of the offshore wind farm infrastructure
  • Installation of subsea and underground high voltage cables
  • Construction of three converter stations and substation infrastructure
  • Construction of Operations and Maintenance facilities at the Port of Tyne
  • Temporary provision of marshalling and construction facilities at Able Seaton Port during turbine installation

Each turbine blade is 107m long which is twice the wingspan of the Angel of the North

Angel Of the North compared to wind turbine blade.

Onshore works

The ongoing onshore works include:

  • Construction of export cable landfall points to the north of Ulrome in the East Riding of Yorkshire and at Redcar on Teesside
  • Installation of underground cables from the landfall sites to three new converter stations
  • Construction of three converter stations
  • Installation of underground cable from the new converter stations to the existing Creyke Beck and Teesside substations
  • Building state-of-the-art operational facilities at the Port of Tyne


Offshore works

Our offshore construction work includes:

  • Installation of subsea cable infrastructure (inter-array) within the wind farm site and the export cables
  • Installation of 277 monopile foundations and transition pieces
  • Installation of the offshore substation platforms
  • Installation of the wind turbine components

In July 2022, the first of 95 turbine foundation monopiles was installed at Dogger Bank A.