Dogger Bank in the community

We're committed to supporting local communities.

We’ll be investing £1m during the construction of our world-leading wind farm and working with education providers to support the development of skills for the future of green energy.

We are passionate about inspiring young people for a working life in a net-zero world. During the construction of the wind farm we will increase and expand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) provision in local communities with bespoke programmes in each key area.

We are focussing on ensuring the coastal communities nearest to our construction and operational bases benefit from our innovative development:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire
  • South Tyneside
  • Redcar and Cleveland

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Investing in your future

During the construction of our wind farm our investment will provide:

  • Dogger Bank STEM Programme

Investing in the workforce of the future by supporting 36,000 young people in 204 schools.

  • Dogger Bank Scholarship Programme

Helping the next generation by providing 50 further education scholarships to local students.

  • Operators Fund

Providing grants of up to £1,000 to local community groups.

Powering success

We are investing in the coastal communities near our wind farm. In East Riding of Yorkshire every primary school will be offered the opportunity to undertake an internationally recognised STEM accreditation.

Our investment will increase the skills and experience of teachers and help enhance the learning environment for children.

The programme will focus on the early years of school with knowledge that increasing STEM engagement and activities at the start of school can increase attainment in later life.

Young people are the workforce of the future. We want to ensure they have the best start possible and the skills needed to take on the green energy roles of the future.

We’ll help to enhance their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills by working with local education and skills stakeholders in South Tyneside, East Riding of Yorkshire and Redcar and Cleveland (in development). Our Dogger Bank STEM Programme will offer:

  • Specialist STEM schemes to every primary school in East Riding of Yorkshire and every secondary school in South Tyneside. The provision will focus on early years in East Riding of Yorkshire and primary to secondary transition in South Tyneside.
  • Enhance the careers advice and support and information provided to young people as they prepare to leave school. The provision will ensure they can make informed choices for their future careers.

Career advice in a new world

The pandemic has impacted all aspects of school life and has reduced the types of events schools can operate.

To help during the pandemic recovery we’ll be funding virtual careers events for secondary school pupils in South Tyneside.

The events will enable students to engage with further education providers and employers from a range of sectors with a specialist focus on STEM, helping them to make the best possible start in their future careers.

Our Dogger Bank Scholarship Programme is to help local students who want to study STEM subjects at University with their tuition costs, transforming career prospects in regional communities and positively impacting future generations.

We’re providing scholarships of £5,000 to local students undertaking STEM degrees. The scholarship is to be used towards tuition fees.

You can find out more about eligibility and programme criteria by clicking ‘MORE’ below.


The application process for the Dogger Bank Scholarship Programme is now closed, the scheme is the scheme will reopen to new applicants in Summer 2023. 


To be considered for The Dogger Bank STEM Scholarship applicants must:

  • Have a home address in East Riding of Yorkshire, Redcar & Cleveland or South Tyneside local authority areas.
  • Be undertaking a STEM based full or part time course at a UK university in the academic year 2022/23.
  • be eligible for UK student tuition fees and student loans

Scholarship Programme Criteria

The programme will make awards based on:

  • Applicant demonstrating that at least 50% of their course is spent undertaking STEM subjects.
  • Applicants demonstrating that they are currently undertaking a degree at a UK university in the academic year 2022/23.
  • If the fund is oversubscribed priority will be given to applicants closest to the wind farm’s primary site within each local authority area. The postcode for the sites are: South Tyneside – NE33 1RZ; East Riding of Yorkshire – HU17 0RN; Redcar and Cleveland- TS10 4FX

Our Operators Fund

We have a small operator fund to provide grants of up to £1,000 to community projects near our construction and operation bases.

We’ve already invested £35,000 to support our communities during the global pandemic which you can read about here.


Our fund is only open to community groups that have a constitution and which deliver activities in Redcar and Cleveland, South Tyneside or East Riding of Yorkshire. Priority will be given to activities close to the wind farm sites: South Tyneside – NE33 1RZ; East Riding of Yorkshire – HU17 0RN; Redcar & Cleveland – TS10 4FX.

What can grants be used for?

Community-focussed or charitable activities which:


Applications to the Operator Fund are for a maximum of £500. Click to download the application form.