Supply Chain

A major infrastructure development like Dogger Bank brings with it a wealth of opportunities for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of disciplines.

Responsible development

As responsible developers, our aim is to utilise as many local and UK-based suppliers where reasonably possible during all stages of the development.

Supply chain opportunities exist throughout the ongoing development phase and will, subject to the relevant consents, ramp up significantly through the construction phase and, finally, there will be significant opportunities throughout the long term operational phase which is typically for 25 years.

Meet the suppliers

In order to help prepare the supply chain for the opportunities ahead, we will hold ‘meet the supplier’ events in the near future.

These events are a great opportunity for potential suppliers to meet with the project team in order to discuss the likely opportunities available within the Dogger Bank project and for potential suppliers to discuss the services that they offer. Dates and venues will be announced in due course.

Register today

If you would like to register your interest as a potential supplier to Dogger Bank Wind Farm and its contractors, please complete our registration form.


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