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“Working on this site will be something I’ll always remember”

24th November 2020 in Press releases, Project news

Since Jones Bros was awarded the contract in early 2020 to carry out onshore civil works and cable installation for Dogger Bank Wind Farm, the North Wales-based engineering specialist has taken on 20 new staff to work on the project – including two higher level apprentices.

Max Stoddart (20), told us what it means to him to go from studying a social sciences degree, to becoming a trainee civil engineer on the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

“I left school and went to university for a year studying something that wasn’t really related to the construction industry, in social sciences, and decided it wasn’t really for me. I wanted to move into something a bit more practical like construction. I’ve always learned better like that and enjoyed hands-on work, so I got talking to a few people and looked online.

“I was fortunate to be taken on by Jones Bros just over a year ago and I now go to college in Wrexham, North Wales for several months, and then come back to this site for a few months until I get my HND.

“A typical day for me on site includes the monitoring of trenching operations and electrical duct installation works in preparation of the installation of the electrical cabling which is due to be carried out later in the year. We have to make sure that ducting is being installed as per the design continually checking our line and levels, as an error at this stage could cause an issue later in the project. 

“I spend most of my time on site, and it’s great being out on site with the team – especially in good weather.

“The renewable industry is obviously progressing constantly. This is the first site I’ve been on and it’s the biggest offshore wind farm in the world. To come into a project as significant as this straight away is the ideal job for me.

“I’d definitely recommend the industry to others thinking about a career like this, especially when I consider how much I’ve developed since being on site. You really do see how you make a difference in the world.

“Wind farms are going to power our homes for years to come and I think as I get older, working on this site will be something I’ll always remember.

“This opportunity to train and study a professional qualification is exactly what I was looking for.”